Insights Daily Current Affairs, 30 June 2018

Insights Daily Current Affairs, 30 June 2018

Insights Daily Current Affairs, 30 June 2018

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The NITI Aayog has launched the first Delta ranking (incremental progress) for the Aspirational Districts.


Delta ranking:

The ranking is based on self-reported data of districts across five developmental areas of Health and Nutrition, Education, Agriculture and Water Resources, Financial Inclusion and Skill Development, and Basic Infrastructure. Districts to provide real-time data points by filling up the Champions of Change Dashboard.


Significance of delta ranking:

  • The ranking is also a tool to identify sectors and indicator specific challenges so that Team India, which is driving this programme, can take immediate corrective measures.
  • This Delta ranking takes a step further and looks into specific aspects of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and analyses how districts have performed in last two months across important sectors.
  • This grouping and positioning would aid the District Magistrates/Collectors to focus more on these sectors and improve their ranking in future.


Performance of various districts:

  • Dahod district of Gujarat improved 19.8 points to rank first.
  • West Sikkim district in Sikkim stood second with 18.9 points.
  • Bijapur district in Chhattisgarh is ranked 6th position.


About the scheme:

  • Launched in January this year, the ‘Transformation of Aspirational Districts’ programme aims to quickly and effectively transform some of the most underdeveloped districts of the country.
  • The broad contours of the programme are Convergence (of Central & State Schemes), Collaboration (of Central, State level ‘Prabhari’ Officers & District Collectors), and Competition among districts driven by a Mass Movement or a Jan Andolan.
  • With States as the main drivers, this program will focus on the strength of each district, identify low-hanging fruits for immediate improvement, measure progress, and rank districts.


Focus of the programme:

To enable optimum utilization of their potential, this program focuses closely on improving people’s ability to participate fully in the burgeoning economy. Health & Nutrition, Education, Agriculture & Water Resources, Financial Inclusion & Skill Development, and Basic Infrastructure are this programme’s core areas of focus.


Significance of the scheme:

If these districts are transformed, there would be tremendous improvement in the internal security environment of the country. If Prabhari officers can bring convergence in the development efforts of different Ministries and state Governments and the schemes specially launched by Home Ministry in these districts, it would serve as a great opportunity to ensure rapid development in the country.


What’s important?

  • For Prelims: About the scheme for transformation of backward districts.
  • For Mains: Development of backward districts- need, challenges and efforts.

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