22nd November
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22nd November

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    MALUKA IAS Date: 22nd November
Sr. No. Topics Points to remember Why in News…???
1. Sammakka/Sarakka Jatara
  •  A tribal festival celebrated in Telangana. The Vishva Hindu Parishad is trying to displace the tribal priests who drink liquor and eat meat during the jatara time, hand over the temple to Brahmin priests, and convert the jatara into a vegetarian space.
  • The RBI’s reserves fall into two categories: revaluation reserves (which have mostly to do with the change in the rupee value of the RBI’s holdings of gold and foreign currencies) and contingent reserves (which represent plough back of a portion of the surplus earned by the RBI every year, the remaining portion being transferred to government as dividend).
  • It is news because of Sabarimala temple issue.
2. Central Board of Investigation
  • The CBI draws its power from the Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) Act. The Home Ministry, through a resolution, set up the agency in April 1963.
  • Under Section 5 of the Act, the Central government can extend its powers and jurisdiction to the States, for investigation of specified offences.
  • However, this power is restricted by Section 6, which says its powers and jurisdiction cannot be extended to any State without the consent of the government of that State.
3. A new World Bank report, High-Growth Firms: Fact, Fiction and Policy Options for Emerging Economies
  • A new World Bank report, High-Growth Firms: Fact, Fiction and Policy Options for Emerging Economies, sheds light on many of these issues.
    The report’s premise is deceptively simple. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development defines high-growth firms (HGFs) as those that employ more than 10 workers, with employment growing at an average annual rate of 20% or more over at least three consecutive years.
  • It major focus is on India and emerging economies.