1st October
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  • Maluka IAS academy

1st October

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MALUKA IAS Date : 01st October
Part XVI of the Indian Constitution
  • It deals with reservation for scheduled castes (SC) and scheduled tribes (ST) in federal and state legislatures, as well as with the constitutional authority of the president to establish commissions to examine and recommend remedies for the welfare of SC and ST groups.
  • The Kamov-226T helicopters will replace the ageing Cheetah and Chetak fleets. Ka-226T is a powerful, light multirole helicopters.
  • The Ka-226T is powered by 580hp FADEC-equipped Arrius 2G1 engines, which enables the helicopter to land or take off safely if one engine fails.
  • It can operate day and night, in regular and adverse weather conditions, over land and expanses of water, and also during high winds.
  • The state-of-the-art S-400 Triumf (NATO name SA-21 Growler) is considered one of the most advanced long-range defence systems in the world. 
  • It has a range of 400 km and can hit targets at a height of up to 30 km. Its powerful radars can track hundreds of targets simultaneously and destroy a range of targets.
  • Each system includes a command post, a 3D phased array acquisition radar, optional tracking radar and firing units. There are various kinds of missiles to choose from based on the mission requirements.
Essential practices doctrine
  • Essential practices doctrine, through which the court has virtually assumed theological prerogative.
  • Ordinarily, in determining whether a purportedly religious command is constitutionally protected, the courts have sought to test whether such a belief is essential to that religion.
Indian young lawyers v. State of Kerala case
  • A case related to Sabarimala temple.
  • The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation is India’s largest farmers cooperative.
Mansar lake
  • India’s one of the largest freshwater lake in the Shivalik range of the Jammu region.