31st October
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31st October

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MALUKA IAS Date: 31st October
Global Biodiversity Atlas
  • Global Biodiversity Atlas prepared by the World Wide Fund for Nature.
The WWF’s ‘risk index’ for the globe
  • Indicating threats from loss of above ground diversity, pollution and nutrient over-loading, over-grazing, intensive agriculture, fire, soil erosion, desertification and climate change – shows India among countries whose soil Biodiversity faces the highest level of risk.
  • the Bengali mouthpiece of Communist Party of India. Kalantar as a daily started on October 7,1966.
Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)
  • The FSDC is headed by the Finance Minister and comprises the RBI Governor, the SEBI chairman, and heads of regulators such as PFRDA, IRDAI and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board.
Currency Swap Agreement
  • Currency Swap Agreement involves trade in local currencies, where countries pay for imports and exports at pre-determined rates of exchange without the involvement of a third country currency like US dollar.
  • It reduces the risk of volatility against the third currency, and does away with the changes involved in the multiple currency exchanges.
  • The Swap Agreement will help address possible short term liquidity mismatches, and supplements existing international financial arrangements.
  • Such agreements help in saving for a rainy day when the economy is not looking in good shape.