4th October
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  • Maluka IAS academy

4th October

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MALUKA IAS Date : 04th October
Diglipur Airport
  • Airport in Andamans is expected to be operational for civilian aircraft by December 2018.
Jal Swavalamban Abhiyan
  • Rajasthan government’s flagship water conservation project. The campaign has led to construction of about 4 lakh water harvesting structure in over 12000 villages.
Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay SanraksHan Abhiyan’ (PM-AASHA)
  • The umbrella scheme consists of three sub-schemes i.e. Price Support Scheme (PSS), Price Deficiency Payment Scheme (PDPS) and Private Procurement & Stockist Scheme (PPSS) on a pilot basis.
Japan drops new robot on asteroid
  • The German-French observation device is part of a mission to find clues to the solar system’s origins.
  • A Japanese probe launched a new observation robot towards an asteroid as it pursues a mission to shed light on the origins of the solar system.
  • The Hayabusa2 probe launched the French-German Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout, or MASCOT, towards the Ryugu asteroid’s surface.
The ancient city of Sabratha
  • The world heritage site is classified as”endangered” by UNESCO in 2016.
Article 17 of the Constitution of India
  • It states: “Untouchability is abolished and its practice in any form is forbidden. The enforcement of any disability arising out of Untouchability shall be an offence punishable in accordance with law.” 
  • This is a fundamental right and therefore justiciable and enforceable by courts, which shall call governments to account.
Article 15(2) of the Indian Constitution
  • Article 15(2) which prohibits any form of horizontal discrimination drawing again from the experience of untouchability that obstructed the universal use of public places, restaurants, water sources, etc.
Statutory Liquidity Ratio


Cash Reserve Ratio

Liquidity Coverage Ratio

  • SLR, or statutory liquidity ratio, is a measure of the reserves that commercial banks are required to hold in the form of government bonds, gold, and similar liquid assets. 
  • CRR, or cash reserve ratio, is a measure of the reserves that banks need to hold in the form of cash. 
  • LCR, or liquidity coverage ratio, is a measure of highly liquid assets which can easily be converted into cash that banks are required to hold. 
  • All three are policy tools used by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to influence the total amount of reserves held by banks at any point in time. These reserve requirements, in turn, influence the amount of loans that banks can extend to borrowers. 
  • So when the RBI tightens reserve requirements, banks are forced to cut down lending and this causes money supply in the economy to shrink. 
  • Money supply rises when reserve requirements are eased by the RBI.
  • Machhli is an iconic individual, has lived long, has sired a large number of cubs and, because the tigers at Ranthambore are highly inbred, she would serve as an excellent example of the species.
  • Machhli, also known as T16, earned that name due to fish-like marks on her face.