9th October
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  • Maluka IAS academy

9th October

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MALUKA IAS Date : 09th October
The Hubble
  • NASA’S space telescope.
  • SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is an internationally-recognised identification code for banks around the world. 
  • SWIFT codes are most commonly used for international wire transfers.
Gagan Shakti 2018
  • Indian Air Force pan-India exercise.
Passive management
  • This refers to an investment strategy where an investment portfolio is constructed in such a way that it mirrors the composition of the broader market index. 
  • This is in contrast to active management of funds where fund managers try to pick individual stocks that they believe will outperform the broader market and thus earn higher returns.
  • It means criminals are collecting browsing history of those visiting porn sites and using it for extortion.
  • Princely state of Tripura merged with the Indian Union on October 15, 1949.
  • Attained full statehood on January 21,1972.