19th September
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19th September

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Date :- 19th September
Space Technology Incubation Centre
  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched a space technology incubation centre in Tripura capital Agartala on Tuesday. 
  • It is the first of six such centres planned nationally to build capacity in new locations.
  • The incubation centre will be located in the National Institute of Technology, Agartala.
Monetary Offset
  • This refers to changes in the monetary policy of a central bank in response to changes in the fiscal policy of the government. 
  • A major responsibility of a central bank is to keep inflation under control and prevent the economy from overshooting its potential growth. However, deficit spending by governments, which is financed through the creation of fresh money by the central bank, can increase the overall money supply and lead to an increase in prices across the economy. 
  • In such cases, the central bank can choose to offset the inflationary impact of high government spending by contracting the overall supply of money in the economy.
  • Pluto’s moon, is much too large to be called satellite.
Surya Kiran
  • India and Nepal regular military exercise.
H. R. Khan Committee
  • Committee on know-your-client requirements for foreign portfolios investors (FPIs), while lowering the total expenses ratio (TER) for open ended equity schemes, there by making it less expensive for investors to invest in mutual funds.
Collateralised Debt Obligation 
  • A CDO is a structured financial product that pools together cash flow-generating assets and repackages these assets into tranches that can then be sold to investors. 
  • The pooled assets could include mortgages, bonds and loans that are primarily debt obligations that serve as collateral for the CDO.
Goalkeepers Data Report
  • Goalkeepers Data Report 2018 on the global progress of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • The report states that this achievement in Asia has now shifted “the geography of poverty” to sub-Saharan Africa, which should now be the focus of the “third wave of poverty reduction” until 2050.
India-Bangladesh Friendship pipeline
  • The 130-km pipeline is aimed at pumping Indian oil to Bangladesh with an annual capacity of 1 million tonnes. The proposed pipeline is expected to energise not just Bangladesh’s economy but also the relationship between the neighbouring countries.
  • India and Bangladesh had signed an MoU in Dhaka on April to set up the 130-km oil pipeline. India will supply fuel oil from its Numaligarh Refinery Limited in Golaghat, Assam, and Bangladesh will receive the oil at Parbatipur depot of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation in Dinajpur.
Parliamentary Standing Committee
  • There are 24 parliamentary standing committees, of these 16 are under the administrative control of the Lok Sabha and eight under the Rajya Sabha. They comprise members drawn from both Houses. 
  • The chairpersons are nominated by the presiding officers concerned, but on the recommendation of the floor leaders of parties.
  • Every member of Parliament has to be on at least one panel, but the choice for chairmanship is often reflective of the internal dynamics of parties. 
  • The ruling party, in most cases, hands the chairmanship of a committee to a person who is either dropped from the ministry or deserves to be accommodated in the ministry, but is somehow kept out of it.