27th September
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  • Maluka IAS academy

27th September

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MALUKA IAS Date : 27th September
Article 335 of the Indian Constitution
  • Article 335 of the Constitution relates to claims of SCs and STs to services and posts. “The claims of the members of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes shall be taken into consideration, consistently with the maintenance of efficiency of administration, in the making of appointments to services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or of a State,” it states.
Almond production
  • California is the world’s largest almond producer and exporter, accounting for 81% of the global supply, and India is among its top five export destinations.
Elephant bird
  • Named Vorombe titan — Malagasy for “big bird” — the creature would have stood at least three metres (10 feet) tall, and had an average weight of 650 kg.
Aadhar Act
  • Section 139AA (Income Tax Act): Aadhar number has to be quoted in new PAN application and for filling returns.
  • Section 7 of Aadhar Act – enables the use of Aadhar to avail of any government subsidies, benefits or services for which expenditure is cured out of the Consolidation Fund of India, is the core provision in the law, and that this makes it a money bill.
Ranjit Roy Choudhary Committee 
  • 92nd Report of the Department related to the Parliamentary Standing Committee (PSC) on Health and Family Welfare, and recommendations of a group of experts under late Professor Ranjit Roy Choudhury, the Government introduce the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2017.
Cases related to reservation in promotion 
  • The Nagaraj verdict: The Court in the M. Nagaraj verdict in 2006 had said that States were bound to provide quantifiable data on the backwardness of SCs/STs before providing them quota in promotions.
  • The Indira Sawhney verdict of 1992: The Supreme Court had held that a “test or requirements of social and educational backwardness cannot be applied to SCs/STs, who indubitably fall within the expression ‘backward class of citizens’”.
  • Presidential List for Schedule Castes contains only those caste or groups or parts as “untouchables”. Similarly, the Presidential List of Schedule Tribes only refers to those Tribes in remote backword areas who are socially extremely backword.
The INS Chakra II
  • An Akula-class Russian nuclear-powered submarine.
  • It was leased from Russia to train Indian submarines to handle the indigenous nuclear-powered INS Arihant-class submarines.