6th September
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6th September

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DATE :- 06th September


  • Malayalam novel Meesha (Moustache), written by S. Hareesh, as it was perceived to be ‘derogatory’ to temple-going Hindu women.


Section 377
  • Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a colonial-era provision which criminalises private consensual sexual acts between same-sex adults.


SpyLite mini-UAV
  • The Army has selected SpyLite mini-UAV for high-altitude aerial surveillance.
  • The mini-UAV is built by Cyient Solutions & Systems (CSS), a joint venture between Cyient Ltd of India and BlueBird Aero Systems of Israel.


Typhoon Jebi
  • The most powerful typhoon to hit the Japan in 25 years.


Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation
  • CDSCO comes under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.


Gini coefficient
  • Gini coefficient measures income distribution among countries, a fact which has been flagged by the International Monetary Fund and economists such as Thomas Piketty.


Article 169
  • Under Article 169, a Legislative Council can be formed “if the Legislative Assembly of the State passes a resolution to that effect by a majority of the total membership of the Assembly and by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members of the Assembly present and voting”. Parliament can then pass a law to this effect.
  • Tamil Nadu’s then government had passed a law to set up a Council but the subsequent  government withdrew it after coming to power in 2010.
  • Andhra Pradesh’s Legislative Council, set up in 1958, was abolished in 1985, then reconstituted in 2007.


Article 171
  • The Constitution provides for this option under Article 171. As in Rajya Sabha, members of a Legislative Council are not directly elected by voters.
  • Under Article 171 of the Constitution, the Legislative Council of a state shall not have more than one-third of the total number of MLAs of the state, and not less than 40 members.
  • In Jammu & Kashmir, as per Section 50 of the state’s Constitution, the Assembly has 87 members and the Legislative Council 36. As with Rajya Sabha MPs, the tenure of a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) is six years, with one-third of the members retiring every two years.
  • 1/3rd of the MLCs are elected by the state’s MLAs, another 1/3rd by a special electorate comprising sitting members of local governments such as municipalities and district boards, 1/12th by an electorate of teachers and another 1/12th by registered graduates. The remaining members are appointed by the Governor for distinguished services in various fields.


Article 279
  • In terms of Article 279A of the Constitution, the GST Council is the forum for approving any new state tax on account of a natural calamity or disaster.