8th September
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8th September

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Date :- 8th September


  • Safe, Adequate, Holistic Infrastructure or SAHI. That is the recommendation of a report presented to Prime Minister at the Global Mobility Summit, MOVE, in New Delhi on Friday.
  • ‘Transforming India’s Mobility: A Perspective’ prepared by the NITI Aayog and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) calls for efficient and convenient public transport to answer the twin problems of pollution and congestion.


The Indian Medical Association

  • An umbrella voluntary body that counts more than 2.5 lakhs, or about a third, of the country’s doctors as it’s members.


India Post Payments Bank

  • India Post Payments Bank (IPPB), a financial service provider that will operate under the country’s age-old postal department. 
  • The government-owned payments bank will be able to accept deposits of up to b91 lakh from customers but without the rights to use these funds to advance risky loans at higher interest rates.
  • All the 155,000 post offices in the country are expected to be linked to the IPPB system as early as in December this year. 
  • The payments bank will also have a digital platform that is expected to make financial services more accessible even from remote locations.



  • Navy ships with CENTRIXS systems on board can communicate securely with the U.S. Navy when needed and can benefit from the wider situational picture of the region as they have a large number of ships and aircraft deployed, this will reduce the stress on our assets and allow us prioritise our deployments more efficiently.
  • CENTRIXS consists of a collection of coalition wide area networks (WAN) known as enclaves” and is a great enabler, allowing ship-to-ship operational dialogue between the two nations in text and web-based formats.


Rubber Industry

  • Natural rubber producers of Kerala, produces 85% of India’s natural rubber.


Amendment to SC/ST Act

  • The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Bill of 2018 had restored the legislative intent of the original Act, which barred anticipatory bail to a person accused of insulting or hurting a Dalit.
  • The amendments were meant to nullify the effect of a March 20 judgment of the court. The verdict removed the bar on accused persons seeking anticipatory bail. It led to widespread protests and loss of lives.


Lake Vembanad

  • Largest lake in Kerala.
  • Rivers such as Pamba, Manimala, Achenkovil and Meenachil drain into the lake.


Navtej Singh Johar and others vs. Union of India

  • Case related to section 377.


Article 19 of the Constitution

  • Guarantees the freedom of speech, lays down under sub-clause 2 that the state may impose “reasonable restrictions” in the interest of the “sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state, friendly relations with other states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence.” 
  • It follows that it is the state, through its central or state governments, which performs the duty of banning and unbanning.

Durand Line

  • Frontier separating the Afghanistan and Pakistan.