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IAS Mains Test Series 2019 Batch - 1

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High Quality IAS Mains Test Series is provided by the Maluka IAS synonym for Best IAS Coaching in India
Maluka IAS is starting IAS Mains GS Test Series for the aspiring candidates for IAS. At Maluka’s, we provide question papers and solutions with study material.
IAS Mains Test Series program has 55 test. Each test will be solely prepared and evaluated by Maluka Sir. Detailed discussion of each test will be taken only by Maluka Sir. It will have 33 sectional test and 22 comprehensive test. Initially each subject will have sectional test which will be followed by revision of each subject. Major focus is on multiple revision and writing maximum answers with proper introduction, body part and conclusion.
Test of each student will be evaluated and returned within a week.






15 JULY 2018 MGP-01 ●1750s to 1947

●significant events , personalities, issues, Laws ,Administration

●Freedom Struggle  (1885-1919) , Moderates,  Extremists

22 JULY 2018 MGP-02 ●Gandhian Era (1919-1947)
29 JULY 2018 MGP-03 ●Colonial Legacy ,National Movement and Its Legacy ,Constitution – evolution, main provisions, features , Initial Years ,Accession of Princely States , Communal Holocaust , Rehabilitation of Refugees , India Pak Relations , Nehru and Communist
05 AUGUST 2018 MGP-04 ●Consolidation of India as Nation

·Unity in Diversity ,Language Problem , Integration of    Tribals , Regionalism and Regional Equality

● Nehruvian Era – Foreign Policy

12 AUGUST 2018 MGP-05 ·Caste Untouchability, Anti-Caste Politics , Role of Indian women & orgs since independence ,Communalism
19 AUG 2018 MGP-06 ●Indian Society – Features , Diversity of India , Role of women and women’s organization, Population and associated issues
26 AUG 2018 MGP-07 ●Globalisation , Social Empowerment, Communalism and Secularism


02 SEPT. 2018 MGP-08 ●Role of civil service in democracy,Important aspects of governance,e-governance
09 SEPT 2018 MGP-09 ·Govt intervention for development in various sectors, Development processes and development industry ,Issues relating to development and management of social sector/services health, education, human resources, poverty and hunger
16 SEP 2018 MGP-10 ●Indian constitution , Function and responsibilities of union and state ,State and union legislature ,Structure organization functioning of executive and judiciary ,Appointment to various constitutional post ,Statutory regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies
23 SEP 2018 MGP-11 ●Representation of people’s act, Comparison of Indian constitutional scheme with that of other countries, Separation of powers between various organs dispute redressal mechanism , Issues and challenges pertaining to federal structure, devolution of powers and finances upto local levels
30 SEPT 2018 MGP-12 ●Liberalisation, Investment models ,Cropping patterns, Irrigation

●Food processing and related industries

07 OCT 2018           MGP-13 ·Subsidies, Public distribution system, e-technology in agriculture, transport and marketing of agricultural produce
14 OCT 2018 MGP-14 ●Indian diaspora important, International institutions, Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections mechanism laws and bodies
21 OCT 2018 MGP-15 ●Architecture , Sculpture
28 OCT 2018 MGP-16 ●Religions and Philosophies, Painting ,Music ,Theatre , Dance,Folk Arts


04 NOV 2018 MGP-17 ●World Geography , Landforms ,Oceans ,Climate ,Energy Source
11 NOV 2018 MGP-18 · Indian Physical geography
18 NOV 2018 MGP-19 ·Distribution of natural resources

·Factors responsible for location of industries in various part of the world

25 NOV 2018 MGP-20 ●Climate Change, Biodiversity , Sustainable Practices , Conventions Related to Climate Change and Biodiversity
02 DEC 2018 MGP-21 ●Industrial Revolution , French Revolution, Rise and Fall of Napoleon

●Unification of Italy and Germany

09 DEC 2018 MGP-22 ●American Revolution , American Civil War , Russian Revolution ,World War 1  ,Communism and its spread, World Population Since 1900
16 DEC 2018 MGP-23 ●Fascism , Nazism , USA before 2nd World War, The Great Depression of 1929 , Inter War Period , World War 2
23 DEC 2018 MGP24
  • Cold War ,Decolonization ,Post-Cold War World, United Nations

·Problems in Middle East, Problems in Africa ,Redrawal of Boundaries

30 DEC 2018 MGP-25 ·Ethics and human interface ,Human values -role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values, Case Studies, Attitude

Emotional intelligence, Case Studies

06 JAN 2019 MGP-26, ●Aptitude and foundational values of civil service, Public service values and ethics in pub ad, Probity in governance
13 JAN 2019 MGP- 27 ●Moral thinkers and philosophers ,Lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators ,CASE STUDIES
20 JAN 2019 MGP-28, ·Indian economy issues relating to planning mobilization of resources growth development and employment, Ecosystem
27 JAN 2019 MGP- 29 Economic Reform 1991 , Land Reforms , Cooperatives , Agriculture and Green Revolution
03 FEB 2019 MGP-30 ●Pollution ,Air ,Water , Land, Noise, Ground Water

●Conventions Related to Pollution and Ecosystem

10 FEB 2019 MGP-31 ●Disaster management ,Development and spread of extremism ,External internal and cyber security
17 FEB 2019 MGP-32 ●.Inclusive growth, Budgeting, land reforms, Infrastructure
24 FEB 2019 MGP-33 ●ESSAY
16 JUNE 2019 MGP-36 ·HISTORY


07 JULY 2019 MGP-39 ·India and its neighbors, Regional, bilateral and global groupings + SECURITY  CHALLENGES




21JULY 2019 MGP-41 ●ETHICS


●Key Concepts in S & T , S & T in News

28 JULY 2019 MGP-42


●PAPER – 1


04 AUG 2019 MGP-44 ●PAPER-2
11 AUG 2019 MGP-45




18 AUG 2019 MGP-47 ●PAPER-4
25 AUG 2019 MGP-48




01 SEP 2019 MGP-50




08 SEP 2019 MGP-52




15 SEPT. 2019 MGP-54