Prelims Test Series 2020 Batch-2

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IAS Prelims Test Series is getting started by the top IAS coaching in delhi, Maluka IAS.

IAS Prelims GS Test Series by Maluka IAS is the best way to test yourself for the actual IAS Prelims Test. Maluka IAS is most admirable educational institute of Civil Services aspirants and among the best IAS Coaching Centre in India.

IAS Prelims GS Test Series specially designed by Maluka Sir every year. Prelims Test Series program has 44  test . Each test will be solely prepared by Maluka Sir. Detailed discussion of each test will be taken only by Maluka Sir.

Test Series will have 24 sectional test and 20 comprehensive test. Initially each subject will have sectional test which will be followed by revision of each subject. Major focus is on multiple revision.

Detailed explanation will be given for each question which will also mention the source from where the question has been taken along with the page number from the book because “we make original questions” as per UPSC pattern.

Maluka IAS unique approach to cover dynamic and static part of IAS syllabus and provides clear analysis which increases the chance to qualify for Prelims. Simple analysis of last year can be checked that maximum questions were asked from Maluka IAS Prelims GS Test Series. Simple pattern of Test Series was designed with the same approach which is adopted by UPSC.

Top reason’s to join Maluka IAS Prelims GS Test Series.

• UPSC pattern
• Assess fundamentals and applied knowledge
• It helps how to choose the correct option about the question with limited knowledge
• Develop mind to eliminate incorrect options
• Design thought process for tricky and correlated questions
• Programs to critically analyze your preparation
• Enhance Examination Temperament
• Comparative analysis weak areas to work upon

Maluka IAS providing complete solution for practicing the question for Prelims through IAS GS Prelims Test Series. We are taken the test both on online and offline platform on every Sunday which flexible also. These test Series cover each topic of the syllabus very systematically along with current affairs. In each test 20 questions of current affairs will be given.
The quality and standard of questions provided through online and offline platform is similar to the standard set by UPSC.

Prelims Series comprises of sectional, revision and comprehensive test (subject wise and General Studies) including CSAT very comprehensively.

We are referring more than 12 standard reference for current affairs of prelims covering of last 2 years.

Prelims Test Series & Schedule

Sr. No Title Downloads
1 PRELIMS TEST SERIES -2020 (BATCH 1) Download
2 PRELIMS TEST SERIES -2020 (BATCH 2) Download
3 PRELIMS TEST SERIES -2020 (BATCH 3) Download