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Sociology Optional Test Series

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Date Test Number Topics








Test – 1

(Paper I)





Sociology- The Discipline

a)    Modernity and Social changes in Europe and Emergence of Sociology.

b)    Scope of the subject and comparison with other social Sciences.

c)     Sociology and common sense

Work and Economic life

a)    Social organization of work in different type of Society, Industrial Society, labour and Society, Formal and Informal Work.

26-6-19 Test – 2

(Paper I)

Politics and Society

a)    Sociological theories of power.

b)    Power Elite, Bureaucracy, Pressure Group and Political parties.

c)     Nation, state, Citizenship democracy civil society Ideology Collective action.

d)    Protest, agitation, social movement Revolution











Test – 3

(Paper I)

Sociology Thinker:-

a)    Karl Marx – Historical Materalism, mode of production alienation, class struggle.

b)    Emile Durkheim- Division of Labour social fact suicide, Religion and society.

c)     Max Weber- Social action, types authority Bureaucracy, protestant Ethic and spirit of capitalism.

d)    Talcott parson – Social system, Pattern variables.

e)    Merton – Latent and Maui best function Reference Group.

f)      Mead – Self and Identity.











Test – 4

(Paper I)










Stratification and Mobility :-

a)    Concept – Equality, Inequality, hierarchy exclusion, Poverty and deprivation

b)    Theories of Social Stratification Structural functionalist theory, Marxist theory, Weberian theory.

c)     Dimension – Social Stratification of class status group gender ethnicity and race.


d)    Social mobility – types of mobility open and closed system and causes of mobility.

17-7-19 Test – 5

(Paper I)

Sociology as Science:-

a)    Science, scientific method and critique

b)    Major Strand of Research methodology.

c)     Positivism and its critique.

d)    Fact Value and objectivity.

e)    Non positivist Methodise

24-7-19 Test – 6

(Paper I)

a)    Qualitative and quantitative methods

b)    Techniques of data collection

c)     Variables Sampling hypothesis

31-7-19 Test – 7

(Paper I)

Comprehensive Paper Ist and Paper 2nd
7-8-19 Test – 8

(Paper I)

Comprehensive Paper Ist and Paper 2nd
14-8-19 Test – 9

(Paper I)

Comprehensive Paper Ist and Paper 2nd
21-8-19 Test – 10

(Paper I)

Comprehensive Paper Ist and Paper 2nd