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2nd ARC Report is an essential part of the preparation for IAS Mains Exam which helps to add 50+ Marks in your Mains Total Marks.
The Report is very useful for GS Mains Paper 1, 2, 3 & 4 and for Essay.
Maluka Sir and the Team will cover all the essential aspects of this report in 15-16 classes.
You can only read the notes of the Class (Online/Offline) and there will be no need to read these Reports which are in more than 2000 pages.

Following Reports Will Be Covered:-
1. Right to Information - Master Key to Good Governance
2. Unlocking Human Capital - Entitlements and Governance-a Case Study
3. Crisis management - From Despair to Hope
4. Ethics in Governance 
5. Public Law and Order - Justice for each..... peace for all.
6. Local Governance 
7. Capacity Building for PEACE Resolution - Friction to Fusion 
8. Combating Terrorism
9. Social Capital - A Shared Destiny
10. Refurbishing of Personnel Administration - Scaling New Heights
11. Promoting e-Governance - The Smart Way Forward
12. Citizen-Centric Administration - The Heart of Governance
13. Organisational Structure of Government of India
14. Strengthening Financial Management Systems
15. State and District Administration