Assured Mains 2020

Maluka IAS, is starting Assured Mains 2020 for IAS/UPSC.

In this Assured Mains for IAS , either 80% of IAS Mains questions will be from our dictated notes or 100% Fee back.
For the above stringent term, Maluka IAS is known as India’s Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi or even Best IAS Coaching Institute in India.

In Assured Mains 2020 for IAS/UPSC program complete syllabus would be comprehensively covered along with Essay paper. It is the best ever program designed for students who want to crack upsc in their first attempt under the personal guidance and mentorship of Maluka sir.

Steps for how Maluka Assured Mains 2020 for IAS/UPSC deliver their commitment:

  • Initially the syllabus would be covered .
  • After one month of starting of the course, Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi will begin with Daily Answer Writing for IAS which initially would be 2 classes per week.
  • In the third month Daily Answer Writing will be 5 days a week with 8 questions per day, thereby covering 40 questions per week . A student will be faciliated to attend 2 classes per day in Best IAS Coaching Institute in India. in first class , syllabus would be taught and next class would be an answer writing session.
  • In each class 8 questions would be taken up from different topics of paper 1-4 along with current affairs. Students will get 75 minutes to write 8 questions. After 75 minutes, Maluka sir will take comprehensive discussion of all questions in which model answers would be explained and dictated within class. Maluka Assured Mains 2020 for IAS/UPSC targets to cover 1000+ questions along with comprehensive coverage of full syllabus .
  • Maluka IAS Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi selected questions from:
    1. Core areas of paper 1,2,3 & 4
    2. Newspapers like:- Indian Express, The Business Standard, The Hindu, The wire, The Economic Times, Livemint, etc.
    3. Niti aayog’s 3 years agenda & other reports & recommendations
    4. 2nd ARC
    5. Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic & Political Weekly etc
    6. Economic Survey
    7. India Year Book
    8. Recommendations of various commissions & commitees.
  • The Question is Obivious comes to mind in preparing of IAS Candidates that why to choose Maluka IAS over other institute ?
  • First and the decisive point is that Maluka IAS, is the only IAS Coaching institute in the country who commits for Assured Mains 2020 for IAS/UPSC that either 80% of IAS Mains questions will be from Maluka IAS dictated notes or 100% Fee back.
  • Second is that the Candidate will get dedicated and personal guidance.
  • Third, Daily Answer Writing facility provided by Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi for IAS MAINS, which no other Insititute can think of.
  • MALUKA IAS Best IAS Coaching Institute in India provides 1000+ questions for Daily Answer Writing course under which student practise within the class and model answer discussed every day.
  • First it is explained to students how to start the answer, how to write the main body part and how to conclude. A proper introduction ( at times 2-3 different introductions) is given to each question.
  • Maluka Sir prepares all the questions himself, the takes the discussions and evaluates all the answer of each students peronally.
  • Drawbacks of other Institutes for Assured Mains 2019 for IAS/UPSC
  • Whereas in other Institues, only information is given to the students about various topics
  • How to use the information in topics as knowledge so that a student can crack the exam in the first attempt isn’t given.
  • No other institute provides for Daily Answer Writing in class as MALUKA’s IAS Best IAS Coaching Institute in India
  •  No main faculty in other institute checks the papers himself ( many a times in other institutes those students who have themselves never qualified for mains are being paid to evaluate the copy of the student who is writing mains ).
  • At the end of the course students in such institutes faces a problem how to start an answer.
    For the above reasons you can choose Maluka IAS for Assured Mains 2020 and crack UPSC/IAS with Single Digit rank in the first attempt.