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MALUKA IAS Interview Panel under the guidance of Lachman Singh Maluka, consists of Experts in Communication, Psychology, Skill & Personality Development as well as Academicians and Civil Servants.

Special Sessions Covering Possible Questions on:

1.     Current Affairs of National & International Importance.

2.     Hobbies and Achievements.

3.     Home State.

4.     Optional Subject – History, PSIR, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Law, Economics, Public Administration, Mathematics, Management, Punjabi Literature, Hindi Literature.

Help Students to Score 190+ Marks through Special Tips & Session like:

1.     1-1 Session with Experts.

2.     Offline & Online Sessions.

3.     Recording of Mock Interview.

4.     Sartorial Tips to Look Sharp.

Aspirants who have taken interview guidance at MALUKA IAS have emerged as candidates with more confidence, charm and enhanced personality to appear before the UPSC Interview Board.

Candidates can WhatsApp their DAF on 99101-33084


  • Optional Subject Specific Guidance. 
  • Home State Specific Guidance. 
  • Personality Development. 
  • Development of the Communication Skills. 
  • How to Answer Tricky Questions. 
  • How to Answer Questions Regarding Gap in Studies, Areas of Interest etc. 
  • How to Answer Questions Regarding Your Strengths and Weaknesses. 
  • Most Importantly What Not To Do During the Interview. 


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