Newspaper Analysis for IAS

Newspaper Analysis for IAS

Grab Newspaper Analysis for IAS coaching with Maluka IAS. They will be covering Newspaper Analysis from different authentic sources. Every issue will be dealt comprehensively covering background to current scenario with all dimensions.

Following are the best newspaper for UPSC which would be covered in the Newspaper analysis.

1. The Hindu                                    2. Indian express
3. Live mint                                      4. Tribune
5. PIB                                                6. RSTV debates
7. Reports of various commissions and committees.
Newspaper Analysis batch is the comprehensive newspaper batch covering all issues of current events of national and international importance.

The batch will cover each and every news from prelims and mains point of view on factual and analysis basis.

Every issue is integrated with the pre-defined syllabus of UPSC/IAS exam along with questions which have already came earlier and possible questions on related topics. All possible questions from current events of national and international importance will be covered very comprehensively.

The Newspaper Analysis class cover the current topics related to GS paper I, GS paper II, GS paper III and GS paper IV very comprehensively.

We are basically focused on the basic understanding of topic to the current scenario so students will get better idea of topic in newspaper analysis batch.
In this batch our focus is on two way communication .

Maluka Sir and Amitesh first listen to views of students on every topic and then start with the discussion .
The Hindu newspaper is taken as basic whereas other sources such as Indian Express, Live mint and Tribune along with PIB and other reports are considered in discussion very comprehensively. All the doubts of current events are solved for each students within a class itself for newspaper analysis batch.

In Analysis batch confusion related to what to read and what to not from newspaper from exam point of view, how to read newspaper effectively in less time and other important queries related to newspaper and current affairs will eliminate completely.

Our content of Newspaper Analysis batch will cover the GS subjects like History, Geography, Polity, International Relations, Economy, Environment, Science and Technology, etc. very comprehensively .
From last 5 years current affairs plays a very important role for selection of students. So it is very important to cover current affairs from UPSC point of view from diverse sources as current affairs is needed in each paper . For e g. every year 25-27 questions come in prelims from current affairs and for mains social issues , geography , polity and governance, international organisations, Indian diaspora, economic issues, planning, environmental issues, security challenges , case studies etc has direct relevance with current affairs.

This makes Newspaper Analysis all the more important to be covered only at Maluka IAS.
Why to choose only maluka IAS?

1. There are many institutes which provides these types of analysis and some even claim to be the first to provide this course. But from our experience , it is not the first provider of the course but the BEST provider of the course that is more important for the selection of student.

2. Maluka IAS is definitely the best provider for Newspaper Analysis for IAS / UPSC.

3. This becomes clear from the number of questions that has come in mains 2016 and 2017 from our comprehensive coverage of current affairs. Every current affairs questions which came in 2016 and 2017 mains were directly covered in our Newspaper Analysis which makes Maluka IAS is the best institute in providing the different subjects analysis.

Join Maluka IAS for comprehensive coverage of current affairs to score rank in the first attempt.