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Sociology Optional 2020

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Why Sociology is so important

Sociology has turned out as a vital pat of genual studies (paper) as well as an optional paper in Civil Services maim Examination. Sociology is easy to understand and securing a good marks. Students having diverse background line commence and engineering also score good marks. Sociology also helpful in ethics paper.

Course Features:-

  • Batch Start :- June 19, 2020
  • Class Time :- 9am – 11am.
  • Daily 2 hour class.
  • Daily half an hour answer writing session as topic taught in the class.
  • Beginning with Basics, and then four on fundamental and whole coverage of sociology.
  • Focus on previous year question of UPSC.
  • Printed material available for all the other important topics related to yojana and Kurukshetra.
  • Weekly test at the end of the week till the topic is finished.

Why Sociology optional in CSE MAINS?

  • In comparison to other Humanities Subject like Geography. Public Administration. Sociology has been safe and secure optional because of shorter syllabus and earily predictability of questions.
  • Also Topics in Sociology syllabus is important in our daily Aspect of Life for example Marriage, Agriculture Population Etc.
  • Having a ahorter syllabus most convenience to the student with Commerce, Engineering and Science background.
  • Every year there are at least 2 or 3 essay related with Sociology syllabus.
  • Helpful for the aspirants in facing a interview